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Orthopedic Shoulder Doctor in Rockville, MD

Shoulder Pain & Shoulder Joint Injuries

Welcome to TOP MD, where we provide comprehensive orthopedic shoulder care in Rockville, MD. Our team, led by Dr. Christina Cervieri, is dedicated to providing personalized care specifically tailored to each patient's individual needs.

At TOP MD, we prioritize building personal relationships with our patients to gain a full understanding of their concerns and develop effective treatment plans that go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. We strive to make our patients feel comfortable and supported throughout their entire journey with us.

Dr. Cervieri's experience includes serving as one of the team physicians for U.S. figure skating and helping with local staffing. She brings her wealth of experience and expertise to TOP MD, ensuring that our patients receive the highest level of care.

Dr. Cervieri has a fellowship in Sports Medicine and has a particular interest in the shoulder.Dr. Cervieri has extensive experience in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair (RCR), including specialized experience in cutting edge technologies such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) and an innovative new rotator cuff “balloon” procedure that's helping some patients with irreparable rotator cuff tears recover faster with less pain.

Our priority at TOP MD is to provide an exceptional level of care to all our patients, ensuring they receive the best possible outcome. If you’re ready to experience the difference of personalized, boutique care, schedule your first appointment with us today.


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Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tears, Surgery & More

Comprehensive Care from a Shoulder Pain Specialist

At TOP MD in Rockville, MD, our orthopedic shoulder care team is dedicated to diagnosing and treating a range of conditions that affect the shoulder joint. We offer a variety of treatments that can offer you relief and restore your range of motion in the long term.

Here are some of the most common shoulder conditions we treat:

  • Fractures: Shoulder fractures can be caused by falls, sports injuries, or other traumatic events. Our team offers both non-surgical and surgical shoulder fracture treatment, depending on the extent of the damage.
  • Rotator cuff tears: The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that keep your shoulder joint stable. Tears in the rotator cuff can cause pain, weakness, and limited mobility. Treatment may include rest, physical therapy, medications, or surgery.
  • Instability: Shoulder instability occurs when the upper arm bone comes out of the shoulder socket. Depending on the extent of the instability, we may recommend conservative shoulder instability treatment or surgical intervention.
  • Frozen shoulder: Frozen shoulder is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. Treatment may include physical therapy, medication, and injections. In severe cases, frozen shoulder surgery may be necessary.
  • Tendinitis and bursitis: Tendinitis and bursitis are conditions that result from inflammation of the tendons and bursae in the shoulder joint. Shoulder bursitis treatment may include rest, physical therapy, medications, and injections.

We believe in providing personalized, patient-centered care for all of our orthopedic shoulder patients. Our team of experts will work with you to diagnose your condition and develop an appropriate treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common causes of shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain is a common complaint that can be caused by a variety of factors. Overuse of the shoulder joint, especially through repetitive motion, can lead to inflammation and pain in the tendons and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint. This type of pain is often seen in athletes who participate in overhead sports such as baseball, tennis, and swimming.

Shoulder pain can also result from an injury, such as a fall, car accident, or other blunt force trauma. These injuries can cause fractures or dislocations in the shoulder joint, which can lead to significant pain and limited mobility.

Medical conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis can also contribute to shoulder pain. Arthritis is a degenerative condition characterized by the breakdown of the cartilage in the joint. This can cause pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion in the shoulder. Tendinitis occurs when the tendons in the shoulder become inflamed, causing pain and weakness.

In many cases, shoulder pain can be managed with rest, physical therapy, and medications. However, more severe or chronic pain may require surgery or other advanced treatments. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, it's essential to consult with an orthopedic specialist to determine the underlying cause and develop an individualized treatment plan that is right for you.

Can my shoulder injury be treated without surgery?

Many shoulder injuries can be treated with non-surgical methods such as rest, physical therapy, medications, and injections. However, more severe injuries or conditions may require surgery for proper healing. Your orthopedic specialist will be able to determine the best course of treatment for your particular condition. Every patient's needs are different, so it is important to consult with a doctor before deciding on a course of action.

How do I know if I have a rotator cuff tear?

Rotator cuff tears typically cause pain and weakness in the shoulder, especially when lifting or reaching. If you suspect you have a rotator cuff tear, it's essential to seek medical attention to diagnose the condition accurately and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

How can I get started with the TOP shoulder specialist near me?

If you're looking for an experienced, board-certified physician to treat your shoulder injury or condition, look no further than The Orthopedic Practice MD. Dr. Cervieri is dedicated to providing personalized, high-quality care for every patient she sees.

To get started, simply book a consultation with Dr. Cervieri and her team today! They'll be happy to answer all your questions and help you get the care you need.

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